Pneumatic Milled Peat Harvester JIK-40

Efficient, dust-free pneumatic harvester for high-quality peat production

Due to its side-tilting bottom structure, the harvester is particularly well suited for environmental peat production sites. It also fits well for production areas where the push-stacking method is used. The harvester can be equipped with a friction roller or hub motor type auxiliary drive, which makes the compacting of the stockpile easy. Dust separation that is carried out with the secondary cyclones is extremely efficient, without reducing the vacuum power. Dust can be collected into the container located below the cyclones, where from it can be emptied at the foot of the stockpile. Furthermore, the container can be replaced by a dust discharge unit, which deposits the separated dust on the surface of the field. To reduce the weight, the cyclones and the dust container are made of aluminium.

The harvester features sufficiently large tyres as compared with the weight of the harvester. Hydraulic hub motors are available as an option. They are installed in the front wheels of the bogie. The hub motors can be used simultaneously with the fan. Also Robson drive is available.

The nozzles follow the surface contour of the field perfectly, even on a rough terrain. They feature many adjustment options, i.a. they can be lifted high into the transport position.


60-90 m3/h
Operating speed 4-10 km/h
Load space volyme
ca. 40 m3
Tyres (8 pcs radial tyres)
600 x 26.5
1000 rpm
Engine power requirement  
120-150 kW
Nozzle width
ca. 3,7 metriä
Power for the fan
65 kW (max.)
Fan air capacity
ca. 9 m3 /sek
Required hydraulics (non-driven version) 2 pcs 2-action valves
Driven versions  1 pcs 1-action valve
1 pcs 2-action valve
free return

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