Passive Miller JPJ-9

A fast and efficient hitch-mounted peat miller for soft bogs with no trees

The passive miller is a fuel-saving alternative for an active production miller. Furthermore, the miller leaves a levelled trail on the field, as the frame also functions as a levelling bar. Also both wings can be individually adjusted to sculpture the field if required. The bottom surface of the miller features plastic sliding plates, which protects against possible rocks hitting the frame. There is an extinguishing water tank, a pump and 20 metres of fire hose mounted on the middle section of the frame, and therefore the unit can function as an efficient first-phase fire-fighting unit. The Blade frames are spring-suspended to ensure smooth milling result.

Frame has pre-installed fastening lugs for the 6-bar of the ridger, so that the unit is can be used as a combined miller/ridger application.



Capacity 8-15 ha/h
Working width ca. 8,5 m
Transport width ca. 6,2 m
Water tank capacity ca. 155 l
Pump capacity 45 l/min
ca. 1500 kg
Required hydraulics
2 pcs 2-action valves
Cat 2 (ISO 730-1)

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