Sod Peat Harrow PPK-19

A simple and efficient hitch-mounted harrow for turning sod peat. The turning element is designed for the maximum harrowing effect. The harrow can easily be set into the transport position and back to the working position, which eases its transport between production fields. The interval, number and type of tines can be matched to suit any individual production site.


10-20  ha/h
Operating speed
8-15 km/h
Working width ca. 18 m
Engine output requirement
40-50 kW
Required hydraulics 1 pcs 1-action valve
1 pcs 2-action valve
ca. 1500 kg
Tyres in the middle frame
Tyres in the wing frame
400 / 60 – 15,5
200 / 60 – 14.5

ppk19_lisäkuva1.jpg ppk19_lisäkuva2.jpg ppk19_lisäkuva3.jpg

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