Small Wood Collector KPK-3

An effective machine for removing wood from production areas

The spiked drum at the back of the machine picks up any wood pieces on the field surface and drops it into the container mounted on the machine. When the container is full, it can be discharged at a suitable location. The small wood collector facilitates removal of wood pieces from the production area to improve the quality of peat. The machine has no gears, which require lubrication, and no articulated shafts. Since the collector does not need much power a light tractor can be used as the towing vehicle. No separate transmission is needed.


ca. 3  ha/t
Operating speed 10-15 kmh
Working width
ca. 2450 mm
Required engine output
40-50 kW
Required hydraulics outlets
1 pcs 1-action valves
1 pcs 2-action valves
ca. 2500 kg
21.3 - 24


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