Grader KSL-5N

Grader with versatile adjustments and fire extinguishing tank

Wings of the grader can be independently adjusted by +22 degrees forward and -41 degrees backwards from the horizontal. Blade can be tilted and height adjusted by operating the hydraulics cylinders on the bogie.  Edges of the blades are wear proof steel and they can be exchanged with ease. In addition to leveling bog and mineral soil, grader can be used for leveling roads and stockpile areas on wintertime also. The grader has built-in fire extinguishing system with 800 l tank. The tank acts as an extra weight for the equipment. The machine can be fitted to a 20 ft container with wings detached.


4 pcs 400/60-15.5 
Lenght ca. 7 000 mm 
Width 5 300 mm operating position, 3 400 mm transport position
Fire Extinguishing Tank
800 l
Weight ca. 2 800 kg (tank full)
Hydraulics 3 pcs 2-action valves

KSL-5N 1.jpg

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